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Why Choose Us?

ThinkCore offers a unique combination of experience with its own product development as well as handling projects for clients. In addition, with our deep technical expertise combined with strong delivery experience we ensure our projects are always delivered on-time and within your budget.

In the world of software development, rework is very expensive and delayed project execution often results in significant loss of potential business opportunity.

In the increasingly fast-paced world of business, customers are looking for teams that demonstrate not just technical competency but also maturity in project execution.

ThinkCore has a unique combination of experience with its own product development as well as handling development projects for clients. ThinkCore was itself a products company when it built and launched its enterprise collaboration product, PebbleTalk. Also, the founders of ThinkCore have vast prior experience of working with enterprises in handing their software development projects. Thus, ThinkCore brings to customers a mature project execution model with robust technology and project management experience and always being conscious of your budget and time constraints.

Our Project Execution Mantras

There are some simple yet powerful guiding principles that have helped us in our project execution.

Our software architecture and design mantra

Deliver long-term value. Avoid over-engineering. Keep it simple and elegant. We strongly believe that simple and elegant software architecture and design delivers manifold cost benefits to you over the long-term both in terms of future enhancements as well as ongoing maintenance of the software.

Our scoping mantra

Respect your money and time. Include only what’s really needed in each release. Anything that’s nice-to-have can be included when it becomes a need. Develop only what your customers need, even if you can afford to spend more. Initially, only build what’s necessary for you to go-live. After the initial release, build the rest in phases based on your customers’ feedback and your product road-map.

Our delivery mantra

Anxiety-free project tracking. We divide the scope into logical milestones. All intermediate milestone completion dates and the project completion dates are published at the start of the project.

Our communication mantra

Communicate as often as necessary but avoid over communication. Productive agenda-based meetings are good and at the same time too frequent and vague meetings waste time and drain energy.

Our overall software engineering mantra

We bring our robust experience to help customers save time and money during their project execution. We will take care of the software engineering so that you aren’t distracted by it while serving your customers. We let you spend your valuable time on your core business of taking care of your customers’ needs.

Our "prior product experience is valuable" mantra

We started as a products company ourselves with our enterprise collaboration product PebbleTalk. Our own product development experience taught us a lot of things. We bring this learning and past experience to our customer’s projects to focus on go-live, avoid feature bloats and keep the project schedule and customer’s budget under control.

Our Projects

Our Approach to Project Execution

Requirements Discussions

Scoping based on first-things-first approach

Milestone Schedule

UX/UI Design

Software Architecture and Design

Software Development

Software Quality Assurance (QA)

Customer Testing in Sandbox

Production Deployment and Go-Live

Ongoing Support

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Our Product: PebbleTalk

An award-winning Enterprise Social Collaboration solution.

PebbleTalk, an award-winning Enterprise Social Collaboration, is a product that was conceived, designed and developed by our team. PebbleTalk offers excellent usability, fresh-and-clean interface design and enterprise integration to enable active collaboration between employees in an organization. PebbleTalk improves productivity, delivers better internal corporate communications and fosters employee engagement. PebbleTalk is the winner of the Red Herring Global 100 award and the Global Top-20 World Bank InfoDev award.